Lutheran families living in Albert's Corner, Wright Township, were experiencing difficulties traveling by horse and buggy to attend services at Emmanuel Union Church in Dorrance. They began to meet in the one-room Wright Township school. They them formed the first church council on August 27th 1910. On February 24thm 1912, a building committee was selected. St Paul's was granted a certificate of incorporation on April 29th, 1912, and the cornerston of the origional church was laid on May 19th, 1912 on land donated by Mr, and Mrs. Theodore Kenthack, Sr. at the corner of South Main and Yeager Roads. 

The internal furnishings were handmade. Our existing structure contains the origional pews and the Good Shepard painting, which was in back of the altar in the first building. The bell on our outdoor sign came from the old church bell tower.

The new building was dedicate on December 1st, 1968, and an an addition including the felloship hall was dedicated on November 16th, 1980.

These pastors fave faithfully served St. Paul's

  • Rev. Martin J. Swank                 1912-1919
  • Rev. Clifford E. Eichner              1912-1924
  • Rev.Fred Haffner                        1924-1927
  • Rev.Joseph R Shuster                1927-1963
  • Rev. Gerald Jacoby                    1963-1964
  • Rev.William B. Fryer, Jr.            1964-1970*
  • Rev.Leonard F. Ashford, Jr.        1970-1976
  • Rev. Dr Wayne A. Heintzelman   1976-2000
  • Rev. Michele Kaufman                2000-Present

*First Fill-time pastor


St Paul's is truly a family of believers. Together we worship and grow spirtiually through work and play. We then take what we know and beleive and apply it not only to work of the church, but demonstrate the love of Gof in all that we do. This congregation and its members illustrate what we mean by "ministering in daily life." It is a congregation rich in tradition, but wiling to attempt new things and take on challanges of a changing world.

What does it mean when we are asked to love one another as Jesus loved us? We start by looking at others as gifts to be cherished rather than problems to be solved. This changes our view on love. Jesus gives us this commandment "to love one another." We are asked to use our lives for the sake of others, living unselfishly and generously. In doing so, we are following the example of Jesus. Because God fist loved us, we respond by trying to live as God would have us live. People who realize God's love thrive in this love and are anxious to sare it with others.

Take a close look at our congregation and you will see that indeed we embody the living Christ today. May we continue to grow in faith and spread the love of Christ in all we do.

Pastor Michele


For 100 years, St. Paul's Lutheran Church has been present in Mountain Top Pa.
During those years, this congregation has continued to find ways to be a source of strength and comfort, not only to our membership, but to those in need. God has put His Spirit within us and called is to witness in His name. There have been many changes, many trends, but there has always been one constant, we have gathered and been empowered by the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul's continues to look for ways to serve our community.
As Jesus was the center of the fellowship of the disciples. so He is still at the center of our ongoing fellowship. All that we are and do should reflect our faith in our Lord Jesus. As I look out from the pulpit, I see a caring community; a community brought together and motivated by the love of Jesus Christ.
The work of Christ is not over but is going on all the time, right now, within you, within me, within all who call Him Lord and Savior.
Lord’s peace and blessings be with you!