Our Service Schedule:

9:00 AM outdoors (drive-in)

11:00 AM outdoors (drive-in)

As we have move the first service back to outdoors; I am truly grateful for those who made the Pastor Pod, ie. the Rev Box a reality. Because of health concerns and attendance restrictions, being able to continue outdoor services allows many individuals to worship who would otherwise be excluded. Our thanks to Jim Doxsey, Kevin Scott and Fred.

Drive-in services are located behind the church. All you need to do is tune your radio into 98.3 and follow along. Communion will be distributed in prepackaged individual servings. For the health and safety of all, we ask you to remain in your cars to maintain and practice “social distancing.” For those unable to join us, Pastor has been recording services from St. John's, Nanticoke.


Welcome to St Paul's

As a fellowship of believers, Saint Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church dedicates time to helping others build a lasting partnership with the Lord. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than learning about Jesus and engaging in an incredible journey with the Lord.

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We are listed as: St. Paul Lutheran Church
(this is not a typo)
Mountain Top, PA
Any questions, please ask Pastor.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Join Us for Worship

St Pauls Lutheran Church
316 South Mountain Blvd.,
Mountain Top, PA 18707
Pastor: Rev. Michele Kaufman
Church Phone Number: 570-474-6616
Pastor Michele's Cell Phone: 570-881-2371
E-Mail: info@stpaulsmttop.com
Drive-in service at 9:00am
Drive-in service at 11:00am
(Both services are located behind the church)